Dialogues of an Introvert



In his series, Dialogues of an Introvert, Indian photographer Sameer Tawde (b. 1978) photographs and creates montages of everyday objects in defamiliarizing ways, drawing our attention to the separation, and sometimes alienation, between the self and the outside world. For example, Tawde’s photograph of a hand with pen markings on it, positioned such that it looks like telephone wires are ascending from it, provides a new way seeing the connection between human beings and infrastructure.

In addition to showing everyday objects in novel ways, Dialogues of an Introvert also centres around illusions. Tawde explains that his approach involves making miniature sets and backgrounds, and setting up a location to create his images. This phenomenon is seen through Tawde’s placement of miniature palm trees above a large barcode and his photograph of a laptop at the beach. Both of these suggest that paradise is more of a fantasy, like the card game we see being played on the laptop, than a reality.