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PAPERLAB - opening of new press corner for international magazines

Le Marais BHV opens Paperlab in Paris, a new corner dedic...

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This World is Not Mine by Linelle Deunk

Kahmann Gallery will show a series made by Linelle Deunk ...

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Eyes in Progress - Visual Storytelling Workshop with Ed Kashi

From the 8-11 of April Ed Kashi (VII Photo) will give a w...

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Eyes in Progress - Wedding Photojournalism Workshop with Franck Boutonnet

From the 26-30 of March Frank Boutonnet will give a works...

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Book reviews

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Paddy summerfield cover Mother and Father
by Paddy Summerfield
Black_country_stories_web_1024x1024 Black Country Stories
by Martin Parr
Other animals-1024 Other Animals
by Elliot Ross
Heikki_kaski_tranquillity-cover Tranquillity
by Heikki Kaski
Miracle_village_cover_cut Miracle Village
by Sofia Valiente
A prepetual season_ 1 A Perpetual Season
by Gregoire Pujade-Lauraine
Lichten-cover Lichten
by Thomas Ruff

From 1997 till 2007, British photographer Paddy Summerfield photographed his parents in their backyard. He did so from the house, spying on his aging parents from behind windows.