From The Study On Post-Pubescent Manhood



Photographer Stacy Kranitz is interested in people that walk to the beat of a different drummer. For her project From The Study on Post-Pubescent Manhood, she befriended a group of young men at a dystopian compound in the Southern Ohio Appalachian region of the United States. Through her camera, she turns the disturbing, vulgar and excessive lifestyle into activities imbued with symbolic importance, icons of social freedom. The lives and actions portrayed by her subjects are therefore simultaneously repellent and attractive. It's this attractiveness that implicates both the photographer herself and viewers as consumers of their behaviour, including the violence and destruction that they've integrated into their daily rituals, habits and pastimes.

The title, in combination with the reckless, juvenile behavior portrayed in the images, offers a questioning and alarming perspective on what 'manhood' means, both to ourselves, to Kranitz and to the young people portrayed in her series.

From The Study on Post-Pubescent Manhood is also being published as a limited edition book of 100 copies, signed and numbered, available from July 2013 from Straylight Press.