Dare Alla Luce




A photograph can have multiple lives. By taking vintage photographs and physically manipulating them, Amy Friend (1974, Canada) participates in an orchestration of destruction to arrive at something new.

In her series Dare Alla Luce, an Italian term meaning ‘to bring to the light’, a reference to birth, Friend pierces the vintage photographs in meaningful patterns and designs, accentuating existing features and creating a new atmospheric interpretation. Back-lighting the photographs, allowing in a gentle illumination through the pierced holes, she re-purposes the ‘writing with light’ definition of photography. Nostalgic yet fresh, Friend’s images return the subjects of old photographs back to the light.

Dare Alla Luce is also available as a book which can be purchased online.

Friend's series Dare Alla Luce was featured as a portfolio in GUP#48, Mixing it Up.