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Herb Ritts: Form/Shape/Strength

Herb Ritts (1952-2002) has gained a global reputation as a major fashion, personality and fine arts photographer.

"Hello, I would like an art photo"

A painting or photo to hang in your home. Nowadays people are looking at both with a buyer’s eye. The Dutch market for contemporary art photography has become mature, people are saying. But how do you go about it when you want to buy an art photo? Where should you go and what price should you pay?

David Nebrada, Un Chien Andalou

The work of Spanish photographer David Nebrada (Madrid, 1952) could be said to appeal to the voyeur in all of us.

War Stereotypes

Images of bombed buildings, reported daily by press agencies and published in our newspapers, are considered the classical witnesses of a war far away from us.

The Book That Makes Your Heart Beat

Heartbeat. A book by Machiel Botman (1955), photographer, teacher, curator and, in a distant past, a musician as well. 


Enrique Metinides - The Lovers of Chapultepec

Sunday, around midday, a soon-to-be-married couple decides to go for a boat ride on the lake in Chapultepec Park, a popular park in Mexico City. As they walk towards the dock, two hoodlums threaten them with a knife.

Store and Restore

Let’s be clear about one thing: photographs will always lose the battle against eternity. But to hold out as long as possible “you must understand what you own”, says photo restorer Clara von Waldthausen.

Collecting Photography with Laura Noble

Collector's Mania

 I find myself in a room barely ten square metres large with two computers, three chairs, a desk and 5,500 books.  I am visiting the greatest collector of Dutch photography books, Jan Wingender.


Young Collectors

They purchase aplenty at high-pace, without so much as a second thought. They consider art a lifestyle and set their sights on the promise of a new and exciting social environment.