Introduction to GUP #51 - Rituals




A ritual starts with awareness. Our acknowledgement that we are participating in something beyond ourselves, for some greater purpose. It could be that this state draws us deeper into the present moment, or that it allows us to transcend time, but in either case, we enter into it willingly, with want.

Each morning we wake up, with countless possibilities of how to spend our conscious hours. And yet, there are some actions which we feel compelled to repeat, intentionally, rather than seeking out the new. Why? What is it that we generate in ourselves, in our existence and in our society that is richer when we perform rituals?

What do we gain in our mindful act of repetition?

What do we gain in our mindful act of repetition?

From small acts of leisure, to intensely physical experiences of pain or desire, to playful toying that engenders tribalism among equals or spiritual ceremonies that commune with the divine, we are practitioners of rituals. Patient or frenetic, intellectual or sensual, public or private... take your pick. They are all a part of the code that contributes to this diverse ideation that we call humanity.

Katherine Oktober Matthews, Chief Editor