GUP Instagram takeover: María Moldes



María Moldes is a fanatic Instagrammer originally from Galicia. For the next 10 days she will takeover the GUP Instagram account, posting from sunny Alicante. María has a clear fascination for the sixty-somethings who have fled Britain for the kinder climate of Spain. She shoots candid portraits of the ex-pat life by the sea, ranging from pensioners during their routinely exercise classes or older women who resemble retired Hollywood actresses.

When asked what is of importance to her when she is busily capturing the lives of these sun-seekers, María answers: "I try to be inconspicuous, to get as close to my subjects as possible. I invade their personal space, in order to capture a more powerful expression. I want to portray the ageing and kitsch aspect of Spanish society, but always from a surreal and ironic point of view."

Follow her on the @gupmagazine feed this week as she lets us experience the life of a pensioner by the coastline of Spain.