Far Out



In Far Out, LA-based photographer Karin Apollonia Müller (b. Germany, 1963) presents her viewer with images from the earth, captured from great distance. She used telescope and satellite data and altered the original images in photoshop. After spotting the stars, she shifted their position and altered the colours, “because they are already relative and false colours,” Müller writes. While the images have a scientific origin, the edited and rearranged versions of the photos look like abstract paintings, presenting rearranged satellite images of city lights, to a series of images of the source of the star lights, taken by telescopes at NASA, but provided with many different colours by the artist. While Müller’s focus in her earlier work has been on how man interacts with and struggles to fit into the urban and natural landscape, in Far Out she zooms out. The result is an outsider’s view which gives room to reflect on the premonition that we might never be able to comprehend all that we see.

Diane Rosenstein Fine Art also hosts a solo exhibition of the series Far Out, on view until January 18. More info here