Introduction to GUP #57 - Ideal




Ours is a peculiar time, when the line between the news and soap operas is blurring; when the differences between fact and fiction, and artifice and reality, are being called into question. In this issue we present a selection of photographers who each in their own way reflect on the difference between the real world and our idealised version of it, on how the map and the territory refuse to overlap.

With the festival season about to kick off and many gorgeous new photo books soon to arrive, for us this is also a time to stay positive and look forward to what is to come. GUP Magazine aims to act on its ultimate ideal: to find the untrodden, off-grid path between the many flavours and colours that the field of photography contains; to be your complete guide to unique photography.

From now on, we present articles, portfolios, events, books and talent in clearly marked sections. But our ideal remains the same: presenting the newest arrivals first while also keeping an eye on the past.

The Editorial Team