AORTA Magazine


Once in a while we like to spread some love for fellow photography magazines, and with Aorta, we present you one of the finest online publications we've recently come across. Five Polish guys with different backgrounds (IT Manager, tunnel designer, two photographers and a rockstar) united to share their love for photography with the rest of the world. The medium of their expression became Aorta, a bimonthly non-commercial online magazine that just released its 6th issue, and comes in English and Polish.

With 10+ portfolios on around 200 digital pages, Aorta offers an extensive platform for up-and-coming photographers and presents an interesting mix of subjects and styles. The focus lies on offering a strong visual impact, whether through documentary, portrait, fine-art or street photography. And indeed, the last issues succeeded in including some stunning work: have a look at Reza Khatir's series 'Nobody's People' (Aorta #5) or at Valentina Piccinni and Jean-Marc Caimi's project 'Death Metal' (#6) for example.

Besides all the great visual input, Aorta features thought-provoking essays and in-depth interviews that reflect on the broader context of photography. Marco Vernaschi's thoughts on his beautiful series Biophilia and the cultural aberration of thinking about nature as an external element of our lives (#6) we recommend as a representative example. Throughout the magazine, a minimal design gives centre stage to the photography, and a slight focus on black and white images does justice to the classic perspective.

For the time being, Aorta remains an online-only magazine and stays true to the approach of being a non-profit publication. However, a printed edition is the long-term dream of the team around Chief Editor Bartosz Rogowski. "We would like it to happen one day, but the right time hasn't come yet". No hurry Aorta, we're happy to keep scrollin'!

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