Zeig Mal



New York-based photographer Jennifer Loeber (b.1973, USA) was first struck with the idea to shoot nude portraits while riding the NYC subway. Across the aisle, a man fumbled to remove his clothes to expose himself to her, and she was pretending not to notice. He looked distinctly uncomfortable yet wholly determined in his goal, despite not having quite worked out the logistics. She describes her own reaction to the experience: "In turn, I also felt uneasy but intrigued to find myself an unwitting participant in what could be seen as an unusual collaboration. Can clues about a person's interior life be revealed through the harmony of discomfort?"

Loeber then took to the task of photographing some friends, acquaintances and strangers nude in their homes, resulting in the series Zeig Mal ('Show Me'). Photographed using only available light, the subjects pose with camera-awareness, sometimes engaging directly with the camera and sometimes not, displaying their own particular tension of undress.