Women Are Beautiful



“I'm still compulsively interested in women. It's funny, I've always compulsively photographed women. I still do.” Garry Winogrand

Jocelyn Lee (Naples, Italy 1962) photographed women she knows and women she doesn't know for over ten years. Women Are Beautiful is a selection of these images. She chose to photograph the women en girls in intimate settings like the bedroom. Mostly the women are naked or minimally clothed in lingerie, bathing suits, or nightgowns. She shows the female body in all its appareances. Through this project she alludes to the complex internal lives of women and expands the notion of what is beautiful to the more vulnarable stages of life. Adolescence, pregnancy, middle age, sexuality, old age and illness. 

In 1975 Garry Winogrand made a book of photographs entitled Women Are Beautiful. Lee shares Winogrand’s love and compulsion to photograph women, but her methods are very different. This work is intended to be a response, 36 years later, by a female photographer working with the conscious collaboration of her models, to the same subject.

Jocelyn Lee's first monograph, published by Steidl Publishers entitled Nowhere but Here, with a forward by Sharon Olds can be ordered here.