Within Narratives



Stelios Kallinikou (b. 1985, Cyprus) uses photography to keep a sort of personal diary of his surroundings. In an eccentric mix of colour and black and white images, close-ups and broad landscapes, he presents a diverse series that seems to tell a narrative. And yet, as soon as the narrative starts to unfold, it falls apart again, redirecting our attention another way entirely -- what are the events of Stellios's diary? 

The images are stories found in fragments, which do not specify a particular reading order. They begin and end, and develop in an almost reckless manner. Kallinikou says: ''Generally I don't like telling the story behind my photographs because I feel that it detracts from their mystery...My photographs create an aesthetic of a riddle and I would like them to remain that way.'' From the small connections with human frailty, to the depersonalized lines of human or animal figures, to the magnificance of universal awe, Kallinikou offers us a photographic insight into his personal experience.