What Sort of Life Is This



Danish photographer Albert Elm, who is currently living and studying in Glasgow, has been working on his series 'What Sort of Life Is This' for the past 3 years. Always carrying his camera with him wherever he goes, Elm is working from intuition and the urge to examine his everyday surroundings through the lens of his 35 mm film camera. He is using photography as a tool of awareness, trying to understand the world around him while capturing the look and feel of contemporary life. Getting to the essence of the moment, ascribing a feel to certain places and situations instead of merely depicting them for what they are is the intention behind Elm's work. The visual language is defined by his sharp eye for the striking and the odd in the supposedly banal. Working with black and white and colour photography alike, Elm is always looking for something twisted in his images that triggers a feeling. 'There's a tendency for things to get boring and trivial when we get used to them. So I try to create an atmosphere that's beyond everyday life by showing it in a different way.'