Jana Romanova, student of the ISSP 2011,  about her photo series Waiting:

"Couple of years ago I suddenly noticed that almost all my friends were going to become mothers and fathers. Actually, I wasn’t ready to this unexpected change in my life because I couldn’t imagine it without spontaneous travels and night talks about our amazing future. My favourite people were about to become real adults with a lot of responsibilities, and as a matter of fact all of them took it in a very different way, acting like a happy family in public and sometimes crying of fear and hesitation when nobody was watching.

I started photographing my friends, their friends and, in the end, people I don’t know, in the most personal and intimate place – their bedroom – early in the morning while they were sleeping or drowsing. It’s a time when people don’t care about their appearance, being natural, and looking at the photographs I tried to understand what kind of roles a young Man and Woman play in their new family. From the very beginning when He hasn’t yet realised He’s going to be a father, and She is left alone with this knowledge about a small life growing inside her, passing the step where He becomes a child himself rejecting this new responsibility, and after that coming to a part where He awakes and slowly They start to play equal roles in the process of Waiting.

Waiting not only for a child to be born, but also for their entire life to be changed in 40 weeks."

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