In Völkerschau, Melanie Bonajo (1978, The Netherlands) warns of a future in which animals no longer exist, and have permanently moved their existence into the sphere of archetypes. Animals will start to reappear in people’s lives as ghosts, their spirits revived at night in dreams. As a result of this loss, people will sanctify animals, in the way pre-modern animistic believers did. These actions are dedicated to reviving what has been lost. Ghosts of the past will fuse with the ghosts of the future.
Bonajo also put together a book that documents the lives of people, but not just any photographs of people. She captures naked beings who are literally bound to their domestic appliances, allowing you to understand that there is a view on the real world hidden in every picture. Check out the review based on these humorous images, as well as another portfolio of hers featured on the website; It Has To Be Fun.

Völkerschau is published as part of the exhibition Captive Lives Western Spectacle in Capricious Space, Brooklyn, New York.