21st Century Still Life



Blunt and bold, the abstract compositions of Vilma Pimenoff (1980, Finland) challenge visual perception; what happens between seeing these creations and understanding them?

Tablecloths covered in prints of fruit and flowers replace the physical objects they depict as they are stuffed into vases, and fill bowls and baskets. Pimenoff plasticizes these natural elements in her still life compositions to question contemporary consumerist culture and materialistic attitudes. Referencing classical 17th century still lifes, the rich colours and dramatic lighting of compositions deceive initial understandings of content. The use of synthetic objects reverses ephemeral notions from this time, by doing so it provides a visual commentary on the reality of materialism in modern culture. In her constructions, Pimenoff plays with the semiotics of both the perceived and actual objects and confronts current circumstance; that fake projections of situations become more desirable and more important than reality.