The Procession of Spectres



“This body of work represents a step from behind the veil of ideas and techniques to find earnest revelations of my struggle to be whole with my fragmented sense of self.”

The vast, serene landscapes of self-portrait artist Ville Kansanen (1984, Finland) explore the ever-changing nature of the human experience. Through the precision in Kansanen’s constructed images, compositions are created in which figures are engulfed within their minimal landscapes. In his transient images, Kansanen aims to direct questions toward the theme of individual identity, as the figures appear permanently obscured; the consciousness of their own sense of self is in constant transition.

There is a peaceful connection between figure and land that complements the loneliness in the series, translated from the manner in which the images were constructed. Kansanen explains that this isolation is a necessity in order to prevent other influences and enable as “little interference as possible” in the forming of the series.