Unreal Cities




In the photographs of Victor Enrich (1976, Spain) buildings all over the world are getting some wild renovations. He was ten years old when he started to draw unreal cities. Eventually, his love of photography came to equal his fascination for architecture. After working in the field of architectural visualisation, Enrich, a self-taught artist using digital retouching techniques of computerisation using 3D graphics or 'renderings', decided to turn his imagined cityscapes into photographs of surreal urban spaces.

He manipulates his own architectural photography to create impossible and fantastical structures, making buildings appear upside down or bend in the most unlikely of ways. These are no small ambitions: the ultimate attempt here is not only to change architecture, or to change cities at large, but -- from a more humanistic point of view -- to change our common reality.

Victor Enrich's series Unreal Cities was featured as a portfolio in GUP#39, the Utopia issue.