Exhibition: ADORNED - The Fashionable Show at Foam



Until 11 March 2020, Foam Museum Amsterdam presents Adorned - The Fashionable Show. Although the title might suggest so, the show is not purely centred around the concepts of fashion or what we wear. Rather, the main focus is on the notions of culture and identity, which continue to evolve over time.

The show features the artists as included in Foam Magazine #53 – Adorned. Among them the American photographer Hadar Pitchon, presented with a personal series on his grandmother. It is styled in a manner which breaks with the stereotype that only young people can be beautiful within high fashion. The show furthermore includes multiple installations from partnering publications such as Buffalo Zine and Beauty Papers, as well as a video installation from the series ‘Boys of Hong Kong’ by Alexandra Leese – a Chinese-British photographer who aims to dismantle stereotypes by celebrating the range of beauty in Asian masculinity.

The exhibition ADORNED - The Fashionable Show will be on show until 11 March 2020 in Foam Amsterdam. Foam Magazine #53 is available here.