Made In Me




He calls it the Camera Oralis: a pinhole camera that allows light in through the orifice of his mouth. With it, Slovenian photographer Uroš Abram (b. 1982) creates black and white images directly on photo paper, marked and marred by imperfections of the manual process: fingerprints and, of course, saliva.

Set against a black background, his subjects float in oblivion. With the visible damage on the prints, we are brought back to Earth. Abram’s series, and his method, reminds us that photography is at its root an alchemical process, which is to say, a human experiment to achieve magic. By making his own body the source of production, Abram merges the cycle of creation and consumption into a single flavour.

Made In Me was featured in GUP#54, the Playful issue. Abram is represented by Galerija Fotografija in Slovenia.