Unutterable Visions



Soaked in dreamy neon lights, the series Unutterable Visions from Tokyo-based Storm Luu (b. 1989) is a collection of brightly coloured images depicting “the personal daily minutiae of friends, lovers and strangers through scattered and disorientating fragments.”

Purposefully giving away very little about the context and people portrayed, Luu flits across a wide range of subject matter in attempt to “elicit a sense of wonder and curiosity” whilst depicting momentary scenes in her subjects’ lives.

“Fascinated by light, space and her subjects’ relationship to the environment they are captured in”, there is a binding sense of colour and a form about her work that results “in images with an otherworldly and dreamlike quality that further adds to the sense of timeless, contactless space which the series inhabits”, which gives us a personal insight into Tokyo life.