Finnish photographer Heikki Kaski (b.1987) came across the Californian town of Tranquillity on a map by accident. Located in the San Joaquin Valley, a pancake-flat agricultural desert grassland in between Pacific Coastal ranges and the Sierra Nevada mountains in the middle of the state, the county is among the poorest in the US.

Kaski documents the town Tranquillity beyond a literal registration, leaning towards metaphor. He takes the town, its name, the people and its landscape as a starting point to explore its literal bearing. "The small town works as a context to meditate on an interior space in which tranquillity and aggression are often simultaneous," says the artist about his work. In his images, Kaski portrays Tranquillity, and creates a silent tension around the meaning of its title. He creates a series of its stillness, oddities and its maverick wilderness as representative of the variety and fragility of a single soul.

Kaski's self-created dummy of Tranquillity in book form won the Unseen Dummy Award 2013 and was subsequently published by Lecturis Books. Read more in our book review.