E-commerced Animals



In E-commerced Animals, Tomofumi Nakano (b.1978, Japan) shows us how easy it is to have dead animals delivered to your doorstep with the click of a mouse.

In a series of disturbingly bright coloured images, Nakano presents us with various butchered animals – all purchased by the artist himself from the online everything-store Amazon. The pictures are taken in a style akin to product photography, the meat placed on brightly coloured paper wrap, often relating to the animal portrayed. Skinned, cubed and beheaded, the animal subjects take on unnatural and grotesque forms. Nakano’s confrontational displays of these animals comments on the disconnect of treating living beings as online consumer products.

With these uncomfortable images, he questions the modern lifestyle based on complacency and convenience where even life itself can be bought for a price and a click.

Tomofumi Nakano was previously published in GUP#51, the Rituals issue, with his series Gibier, also on animals.