Passage: An L.A. Story




When asked for his selection of favourite images at Paris Photo 2012, the famous Hollywood director David Lynch revealed his preference for those pictures that "cannot be named". There is an important element in the photography of Todd Hido (1968, USA) that shares this quality of undefined aesthetics; something that has to do with the atmosphere of the places he visits, the abandoned houses and uncanny motel rooms that he documents on his many road trips along the American West Coast. These lush yet mysterious and unsettling photographs present the artist's metaphorical reckoning with his own past, while offering a collectively familiar, yet entirely imaginary and dreamlike melodrama disconnected from a specific time and place.

We are proud to present an exclusive selection of Hido's in progress Los Angeles work, composed especially for GUP Magazine by Todd Hido himself.

Todd Hido was featured in GUP #37: Los Angeles.