The Winners



For the past 10 years, Polish photographer Rafal Milach has been working in Russian speaking countries and the CEE region. In The Winners, Milach explores the Republic of Belarus, the last remaining dictatorship of Europe. The regime's motto to society is of great contradiction and deceit in comparison to the past two years' events: everything is under control and Belarus has a bright future ahead. 

Milach has taken it upon himself to become a propaganda photographer by capturing the sense of Belarus' national pride, purported by multiple state institutions. The Winners captures national and regional contests winners, such as Yuri, the last champion of the USSR in “Boiovaya samba”, a fight without rules, in 1989 and bodybuilding champion of Belarus. 

Rafal Milach was featured on the cover of GUP #033, The Stories issue and was included in the portfolio of Sputnik in GUP #038, The Collaboration issue.

Rafal Milach is a member of SPUTNIK and is represented by INSTITUTE.