The International Summer School of Photography 2011



The International Summer School of Photography 2011 presents a selection of their final works as produced in Kuldīga, Latvia, 6-14 August 2011.

ISSP offers a range of thematic workshops led by photography professionals of international standing, in a setting that makes close interaction between the students and the staff an integral part of the event.

The main objective of each participant during ISSP is to create a coherent body of individual photographic work under the guidance of their workshop teacher.  Each student must produce a set of prints for the gala exhibition and a complete project for digital presentation. 

ISSP 2011 hosted six thematic workshops for 71 participants from 22 countries, 5 continents:

1. Michael Ackerman - “Personal documentary: Interior”

2. Marcos Lopez - “Kuldīga in Pop Latino”

3. Claudine Doury - “Creative documentary: Using reality to create personal fiction”

4. Arno Rafael Minkkinen - “WHO ELSE AM I”

5. David Bate - “Still Life as Critical Aesthetics”

6. Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou - “Visual narratives: European Borderlines"

From 20 October 2011, a selection of works will be exhibited in Riga. See or the clip below for a complete gallery of all participants.