The Age of Pleasure



British fashion and art photographer Miles Aldridge (b. 1964, UK) is best-known for the technicolour dream-like worlds he creates and the glamorous, beautiful women that inhabit them. Drawing inspiration from film directors such as David Lynch and Federico Fellini, he creates ultra-cinematic images.

In this series, Aldridge depicts women in "haute-Stepford mode splashed with lurid candy colours". He goes beyond the simply beautiful, capturing them in a state of dramatic contemplation. Marilyn Manson explains that "there is genius in the very deliberate blankness on the face of the models that enables a transference of identity. He always draws you into an arrested fetish that seems as forbidden as a little girl’s diary".

The Age of Pleasure will be on display in Zürich, in an exhibition at The Christopher Guy Galerie, between March 13 and May 24, 2014, coinciding with the publication of Aldridge's first book I Only Want You To Love Me.