The 20th Century



In his series The 20th Century, Slovenian photographer Robert Hutinski is principally coming to terms with his own view of the 20th century by tracing the historical dynamics of his hometown Celje. Hutinski experienced hands on how any given government recycled the history with remarkable effortlessness, harnessing it to serve its ideology. Constant doubt and questioning of the ethical stance behind such twists were the basic motivation for Hutinski as he examined the ways to wrench himself from the indoctrinated view of the past by means of his camera. Serving as his starting point is the photographic material from the photo library of the Celje Central Library, materials from the photo archives of Celje's Museum of Recent History, and photos from some private collections. In the concept of the series, individual photos stand as equivalents to major events of Celje's 20th century history. Despite the static nature of photography as a medium, Hutinski's photos emanate a sense of exceptional flexibility and dynamics. The interventions leave them soaked in narrative; a multi-layered appearance triggers a discourse of the time frame captured in each photo.