Wild Youth



For the kids who join the archaeological camps scattered around Russia every summer, it’s about more than just bones and dust. It’s about uncovering the mysteries of the past and, most of all, exploring their own inner world. Russian photographer Tanya Borodina (b. 1985), who herself attended an archaeological camp fifteen years ago, decided to return to the campsite to photograph the vibrant energy of the free-spirited midsummer, in her latest series Wild Youth.

Digging deeper than the antiquities, Borodina captures the vulnerable aspects of adolescence: trying to fit in, a changing personal view of one’s body, fooling around and falling in love. Embodying this carefree spirit of play, her photographs show the kids caught up in the moment. Wild Youth is a vivid body of work, joyfully reminding us of the good old days: walking around barefoot, half-dressed and meeting other kids to rebel with.