In a village in Middle Anatolia, Cemil Batur Gokceer (1981, Turkey) was told a tale that took place in a recent time. A woman was lost for three days and then found naked in a pit full of snow. According to the tale, she was with a genie with whom she fell in love.

Genies are supernatural creatures in Islamic culture that are believed to exist in a parallel world. Gökçeer decided to further investigate the story behind this tale but soon started to realise that there was a possibility that it was invented to cover up a crime. It seemed as if everyone knew of the crime, but to maintain the community's dignity, it was wrapped in mystique to obscure what needed to stay concealed in the dark.

Gökçeer’s journey, which was to explore a culture and a geography where stories are still of utmost significance, has taken on a very different form from what he initially imagined. It has become tangled, hiding a possible new form of contemporary tale.

Cemil Batur Gökçeer is a current participant of the European Borderlines workshop, organised and lead by Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou.  He was recently selected for the Reflexions Masterclass. His work has been published in several Turkish magazines.