Animalism, Naturalism




Also known as 'Synchrodogs', Ukrainian based photography duo Tanya Shcheglova and Roman Noven snap surreal and eerie images for their project 'Animalism, Naturalism'. Inspired by the feeling of something sacred inherent in nature, the duo escapes far from the city and looks for an alternative environment to celebrate their own way of bringing-up. "We have always been closely related to nature, behaving ourselves in a way that is somehow considered right for animals, not for humans; running and jumping over the hills, biting and leaking each others faces as dogs do." The series 'Animalism, Naturalism' plays with these basic instincts that lie dormant inside every human being and tries to reach out for a raw sense of self, working towards a more intimate relation with our surrounding environment and nature. The resulting images present a haunting view on the beauty of making one's own rules, emanating a feel of contemporary rebellion and trippy self-discovery alike.

Synchrodogs' debut monograph 'Byzantine' has been published in an edition of 460 numbered copies by Éditions du LIC.