Since the 1990’s, Sander Veeneman (1962) has been the creator of a photographic series portraying who struggle to survive on a daily basis. He produces more than just pretty publications. “With a tool such as a camera at your disposal, a tool that has the power to influence and is so easy to use in a discerning way, why wouldn’t you use it?” Veeneman has travelled the world extensively, all the while taking photographs of the many children growing up in the midst of poverty, hunger and poor health. ‘Harsh reality on film’ is how he describes his photographs. “[Taken] out of curiosity and compassion as well as sheer frustration”. Sander has joined forces with U2 and has been able to get through to many world leaders by presenting them with images of numerous children living below the common international poverty line. Veeneman made a selection of his most powerful images to be published in a modest photo book in 2004. In order to highlight the global poverty struggle, he sent his photo book to 25,000 of the most influential people worldwide as an indictment of relentless hunger and poverty. However, despite the existence of the international development programs, hundreds of millions or people are still living in circumstances of dire poverty.

Sander Veeneman successfully graduated from the School of Photography in The Hague. He is currently working as a photographer and film producer as well as a director for

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