Steven Brahms (1982, USA) got hooked on photography at an early age. In 7th grade, he even built his own darkroom out of a winter coat closet. Not much later, in high school, he learned of the great Magnum photographers and street photographers, saw a connection, and decided he wanted to be a photojournalist. Eventually he became more aware of a viewer’s perspective, how pictures are received. A newspaper photo is all about content – the whole story must be in the picture. Feeling a relationship to artists like Jeff Wall and Philip Lorca-di Corcia, and culminating in his Evasion Studies, Brahms decided to seek out another direction, asking people to examine: “What is going on here?” When we focus on these pictures, we are forced to realise how little information a photograph can actually provide. Presented here is a mixed portfolio with images arriving from the following series: The Survival Project and The Evasion Studies.