Stranger: memories




Jamie House's (Bristol, United Kingdom 1978) project 'Stranger: Memories' is a result of his producing images of other people’s memories that he has mined from the internet on various social media sites. These people have befriended Jamie online but are not people he has met in person. Each image is produced by a long exposure focussed on a computer screen while browsing a stranger’s social media images he or she has posted on their Flickr and Facebook accounts. The resulting images are digital landscapes of people and their memories. He has access to people’s memories, vacations and celebrations which he recorded in one single-image; a portrait of someone he doesn't know.The resulting images are layers of images and time within someone’s life. This project investigates how we disseminate and share images in the public domain and makes us consider issues of representation and privacy. This series also investigates what happens to people’s online memories when someone dies. What are the implications of us making all our information available online? Social media is currently popular but what happens if this ceases to be the case: what happens to our memories and who will have access to them?

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