Star Children



Star Children by Finnish photographer Kimmo Virtanen (b. 1985) is an allegory of Poland's turbulent history and shot in the Praga district of Warsaw. "It is not directly linked to any specific event, but what I could relate to was the external pressure from outside and the feeling of living between two worlds during times when some external pressure weighs on your shoulders," Virtanen says.

The photographs depict people in the private setting of their dimly lit homes and outside the concrete apartment blocks. Virtanen uses unusual angles and photographs through curtains and reflections, creating the feeling of being a voyeur to a scene. Beams of red light invade the rooms and brand the persons in an other-worldly glow, concerned expressions on their faces. The series is inspired by stories of human dislocation, the waiting between two worlds, Starseeds and John Carpenter's movie Starman from 1984.