Souvenirs de Niort




Sohrab Hura (1981, India) has no formal training, but has been a fanatical image-taker since 2001 and is now widely acknowledged as an emerging talent. Usually working on long-term projects, Hura here shows segments of a weeks work in Niort, a small city in western France. Niort once had a thriving leather trade, but insurance is now its main industry. Not the most inspiring environment for an artist, you would think, but former Joop Swart Masterclass student Hura nevertheless manages to depict this environment in as enchanting a way as any of his other series. To quote George Bernard Shaw: Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable. Photography is Huras escape into life.

Souvenirs de Noirt was featured in GUP#27, the Anniversary issue. We previously featured a portfolio of Hura's, My Life is Elsewhere, in GUP#24, the India issue.