Six Degrees of Copenhagen



Danish photographer Jens Juul just won the 2013 Sony World Photography Award in Portraiture with his black and white series Six Degrees of Copenhagen. The project is based on the theory of six degrees of separation - the notion that all people on Earth are connected in the sixth degree. Juul, who may now call himself Professional Portraiture Photographer of the year, photographs strangers - people he comes across at the supermarket or in the streets. He tries to get the participants to break boundaries by inviting him and his audience, personalized by the camera, into their homes and by allowing for an intimate peek. 'It is just a matter of really seeing the people who are part of the tapestry of our daily life, and then of finding your angle and the courage to step across the boundary between yourself and other people formed by each person's privacy sphere - even those strangers who may at times seem dangerous and intimidating.' Through his project and his approach of meeting people without prejudice and with a lot of curiosity, Juul gained insights into many different ways of life. 'In that way my work is a jouney into the minds and lives of other people.'

Also have a look at Juul's striking portraiture project about local residents at a hairdresser's salon and his series Inmates, portraying long-term inmates in Danish prisons, on his website.