The FAT Football League



The FAT Football League, a new photographic venture from Paris-based Simone Perolari (b. 1976), focuses on exactly what it sounds like: a football league created exclusively for men whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is 30+. In other words, medically overweight.

The league, created in a town called Solihull near Birmingham, UK, was made to encourage overweight men of any fitness level to come together and collectively lose weight. With the programme boasting a reported 95% success rate, Perolari travelled to England to witness the phenomenon.

Shooting with a keen eye for subtle humour and an even keener eye for detail, Perolari’s black and white photographs alternate between candid action shots and slick portraits, stylishly bound together by oily, high-contrast tones.

As Perolari explains, “Andy Allsop and Marcus Farnsworth may not be names as familiar as Christiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, but they’re football stars nonetheless”, which is why Perolari felt compelled to document their league and highlight their achievements.