Signs of a Struggle



Australian photographer Louis Porter looks for signs of quotidian urban conflicts, and collects them in his Small Conflict Archive. With chapters like Crap Paint Jobs and Dismembered Teddies, the Archive has a deadpan sense of the importance of the trivial. Porter seeks out the physical results of these conflicts, as opposed to the action of the conflict itself, with the result that the series becomes a sociological study of the imprint of mankind's actions on his shared environment.

In this chapter, Signs of a Struggle, with objects broken or forced beyond their limits, the conflict at hand is more readily apparent. Sometimes objects remain, unharmed but no longer attended to, in a way that the conflict which came before must be assumed. The context of the arguments themselves are not always legible, though the varying degrees of clarity offer us the opportunity to use our own exposure to conflict to reverse engineer the narratives.

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