In the past Ruud Sies (1957) had a successful career as a concept developer and art director. Having directed an advertising agency for about twenty years, Ruud decided to devote himself entirely to photography again. The agency and house were sold, the leased cars turned in and he, his wife Hanneke and their two kids left for a year to the United States of America. The photographic result of this journey was put together in a book and several exhibitions. With his eye for poetry from the street Ruud published his book It's Spring and I'm Blind in which an empathic image of the live on the border of the American society is presented. An inventory of signs of homeless people: A very basic and instinctive form of communication to which common laws of advertising apply.

This portfolio includes images from his latest project Balade - inspired by the book De Wandelaar (The Hiker) by the Dutch author Adriaan van Dis - in which he shows us Paris as seen by Mulder the central protagonist in the book.

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