Short Flashes



Wiktoria Wojciechowska (b. 1991) is a photographer and visual artist from the green East of Poland. Indulging herself in creative projects since age three, Wojciechowska eventually started using photography as a tool for collecting her memories. Since then, her camera has always been with her. Her work uses narration based on the borderline of documentary and creation.

Short Flashes is a project concerned with the artist's fascination of human faces, emotions, gestures and the special moment when they can be captured. When Wojciechowska travelled to China, she was captivated by the busy streets and the mass of people passing by on bicycles and scooters, their reactions to the bad weather and low temperature all written on their soaked faces and bodies. Wojciechowska documented the faces of these drivers in motion: they are workers, servants, parents, children.

"Each year in China thousands of people migrate to the big cities looking for jobs, from small villages, mountains, river valleys, forgotten minorities places," Wojciechowska says. "They work hard, earn money to support their families, often live in poor conditions and build China’s wealth and prosperity; they are the country's pillar of strength. I collect their faces with my camera to create this unique album of diversity. One flash can freeze the moment - one moment of presence."