Jun Ahn (b. 1981, South Korea) began her series of self-portraits in 2008 when she was still a student. The portraits show Ahn placing herself at great heights at the edge of skyscrapers and landmark structures, her feet dangling in the void and overlooking the city. These portraits that toy with mortality are her most prominent photographs to date, unsettling but captivating, conveying both strength and the vulnerability of a young girl. "My self-portrait is a kind of performance without an audience, only to be photographed since it is a portrayal of my desire rather than the reality." The elimination of context is the most intriguing aspect of a photograph for Jun Ahn. An image can tell truth and fiction at the same time. The series creates a feeling of both fear and fascination, and the power of Jun Ahn's work lies in exactly this tension.

The Self-Portrait series will be on display in a solo exhibition at Christophe Guye Gallery in Zürich, Switzerland, from October 9 – November 22. An opening reception for the artist will take place on Wednesday, October 8, from 6pm – 8pm.