Allanngorpoq (Being Transformed)



French photographer Sébastien Tixier (b. 1980), fascinated by people that settle in cold and hostile environments, travelled to Greenland in early 2013. After 18 months of preparation, during which he also learned the basics of Greenland's Inuit language, he went to research and document this fascinating country, resulting in his project Allanngorpoq, which can be translated as 'Being Transformed'.

During his one-month trip, he stayed at the homes of local habitants and spent his days with them. Travelling up the country to Qaanaaq, from the 67º to 77º parallels, he witnessed the differences in lifestyle between the ever-growing and even "Western-like" cities, as he describes them, and the smaller towns where people sleep in tents and hunt seals. He saw how the effects of climate change affect not only the environment, but also society itself: traditional clothing made from skin has disappeared, except for in the very north of the country for dogsled trips, big supermarkets have emerged, and the use of mobile phones is now common. "These strong and fast changes question society and identity", Tixier says, exploring the divide in Greenlandic society: those who want to follow the rest of the world and those that want to remain the 'people of the ice'.