Between 2010 and 2013, Antoine Bruy (b. 1986, France) hitchhiked throughout Europe with the aim of meeting men and women who have made the radical choice to live away from cities, abandoning the lifestyle founded on performance, efficiency and consumption.

In Scrublands (Les Maquis), we see images powered by the colours of the earth -- rusty dirt and faded woods, sensuous springtime greens and harsh winter whites. With structures that often seem to be held together by sheer will and good fortune, the lifestyle of these remote dwellers seems stunningly susceptible to the elements, and yet, their lives are likely intwined with nature to a much greater extent than our own. Bruy's images offer an elegant simplicity matching the lives of the people themselves, soberly sympathetic and fully grounded.


Antoine Bruy is currently holding a crowdsourcing campaign for his project Scrublands, which you can contribute to and support his work.