Sapologie - Two Minds, One Thought




Less than a year ago, when we hooked up with Viewbook, Blurb and Vedett to organise the first Viewbook Photostory contest, we couldn’t have known how often one of the two winners would cross our path. The SAPE from Congo brought this all about… Last November, after taking home our trophy in the Documentary category for his partially published .Sapologie, Francesco Giusti came second with the same series in the World Press Photo Arts and Entertainment category. Meanwhile, we heard of another Italian photographer with an almost identical set of photos. In March of this year Daniele Tamagni won an ICP Infinity Award for Gentlemen of Bacongo and was royally received by the Prins Claus Fund with a cracking exhibition in Amsterdam. Two cheers! Who came up with the idea first or which series is better is something we’ll let others decide, but because it is sufficiently street and because thats where it all started for us, here is .Sapologie.

Check out Francesco's Viewbook website, as well as a previously published portfolio.