Chariots of Frolic



Chariots of Frolic is the perfect title for Sameer Raichur’s (b. 1986) endearing series: the festive chariots seen here are fun and endearing. They are ingenious contraptions that have a wonderfully improvised quality to them: based on stock cars that have had their whole rear sections removed, replaced by a platform with a place for the bride and groom, these chariots are used to parade newly-weds around town to announce the new, freshly made union. The cars in themselves are old and rundown, but the fantastic platforms mounted on them raise the vehicles to the status of charming chariots for the celebration of love and matrimony in a very modern twist on an old tradition. Photographed at night, they are seen in their full technicolour splendour: brilliant flashing lights of all colours bring to mind the Las Vegas Strip and fabulous Bollywood movies.