Viviane Sassen is famous for both her fashion and her artistic photography. Over the years she has worked with many models, but there is one person that she kept photographing throughout her career: the French stylist Roxane Danset. The series 'Roxane' presents photographs of Danset taken at different locations and at different times. Because the model is the same in every photo, the viewer sees how different light, different colours, and the model's moods can change the image radically. Looking at these photographs is a bit like thinking along with the photographer: what if we focus on this particular shape or line? What if we look for another colour?  

'Roxane' was published as a book in November 2012 by Oodee/Damien Poulain. Photographs from the series will be part of her exhibition In and Out of Fashion at Huis Marseille that runs from 15 December 2012 untill 17 March 2013. To learn more about Viviane Sassen, read our interview with her.