The Belgian Ardennes, simultaneously rich and poor. Wondrous countryside in contrast with impassable desert. Luxurious accommodation next to sad, abandoned villages. Most of the younger generation has left. Here, time seems to stand still. Sofie Knijff, winner of the Dutch Photo Academy Award 2007 often goes ‘home’ to visit her family in the village of Assenois located in the heart of the Ardennes forest. This area is closed for a few weekends every year to allow for the traditional hunting. Hunters from Brussels wait for the animals, driven towards them by local hunters. Sofie was fascinated by this ‘tradition’ passed down from generation to generation through the men in the family. For her the Ardenners have a gritty beauty and are an endless source of inspiration. In her series she photographs her family during the hunting season and in the attic. 

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