Irina Ruppert, though born in Kazakhstan, moved with her family to Germany when she was seven years old. Pulled towards exploring the meaning of 'home', she began an autobiographical jouraney through Eastern Europe. Over the period from 2006-2010, she photographed areas of Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Poland and Kazakhstan, and the result is her project 'Rodina,' the Russian word for 'home.'

The result is a stunning collection of images both emotionally close and conceptually peregrine. An abandoned Bulgarian Airlines plane in front of the concrete jungles of socialist housing is absurd, yet looks entirely at home in its adopted environment. Intimate portraits of people in their homes and in their villages reveal details of what normal life is to these people, and how they feel comfortable. Through the photos, we see also Ruppert's exploration of this 'home' she left behind, the 'rodina' that perhaps she's finding again through this process.

Rodina will be on exhibit at Kominek Gallery in Berlin, from November 27 - December 21, 2012.

Rodina has been published by Peperoni Books, though the original clothbound edition of 400 copies is now sold out. A special wallpaper edition book is still available.

Hardback /
64 pages /
Peperoni Books, 2011 /
ISBN 978-3-941825-32-1 /
Original Edition €36 / Special Edition €88